Magnet and Lottery Results Information

If you were


If you have been offered a seat to one of Miami Southridge Senior High School’s magnet programs, beginning  in the 2024-2025 school year, Parents MUST log into the Magnet application system via the M-DCPS Parent  Portal to view and accept Miami Southridge Senior High School by April 5th. Parents MUST use the same  Google or Apple ID that was used during the application process, as this is the account linked to their child’s  application and results. To assist families in navigating this process, please watch the step-by-step tutorial for  guidance in accepting your child’s Magnet seat. The video can be accessed here:  

You must also submit the following documents found on the Accepted Magnet Students page. 

Upon declaring your seat, you will receive email with instructions on how to complete the registration process.  Once registered, students must continue to meet standards set forth in the Miami Southridge’s Magnet  Enrollment Agreement, maintaining required levels of academic performance, attendance, and conduct. 


WHAT’S NEXT? At this time, we are awaiting notification from students who received acceptance letters. At  that point, we will determine the available seats in each grade level. As needed, we will be contacting waitlisted  students in the order of the randomized lottery list provided to us by the district office. Please note that in  previous years, Miami Southridge has accepted and enrolled students from its waitlist. It is probable that some  students will be accepted from the waitlist prior to the start of the incoming school year of 2024-2025.  Acceptance from the waitlist depends on your place in the waitlist order. In any case, you will be informed  immediately of any change in your admission status. 

We request that you please refrain from contacting the school to ask about your child’s waitlist number. WE  DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO WAITLIST NUMBERS. The spaces are automatically populated once a seat  becomes available. Therefore, it is not necessary to contact the school and ask for the waitlist number. 

Once again, thank you for your interest in Miami Southridge’s Magnet Programs. We understand that this can  be a stressful time, but it is important to remember that being placed on the waiting list is not a “NO.” Your  child is among many highly qualified applicants whom we would love to have at our school. If space becomes  available, we will contact you via the email you provided on your child’s application and inform you of the next  steps. If you applied and accepted another Magnet Program’s invitation, your decision will not impact your child’s  position on the waiting list at this school.


Students who received an “Ineligible” letter did not meet the admission criteria for your grade level. No further  action is needed. You may apply again for admission for the 2025-2026 school year when we open the  Application window on. October 1, 2024. Please refer to the admission requirements for the appropriate grade  level.

General Application Process Info

The Magnet Schools application process begins in October and ends mid-January. Students who meet the  minimum criteria will be entered into the “Random Selection Process” also known as the “Lottery”. The Lottery  is administered by the Schools of Choice & Parental Options Office. Applications are to be submitted electronically or mailed to the Schools of Choice & Parental Options Office. Magnet Applications will NOT be  accepted at the school. 

Should you have any questions or would like more information, please contact one of our Magnet Lead Teachers. 

Business, Coding, or Gaming Magnets: Mercy Ortiz at AP Capstone or Criminal Justice Magnet: Nichol Martinez at